Snow Effect using ParticleJS Library

Implementation of Snow Effect using Particle JS Library (URL :

I developed a snow effect using the particle JS Library. The particles looks stunning on the grey background, giving it a feel of a dark night effect.

Particles JS is an open source library that uses Javascript in the background to give particle-like animation effect to the desired shape / image. 

Implementation highlights

Particles JS is a very light- weight Javascript library and its implementation is pretty easy. The version on which I developed was 2.0. It has many configurable components.

The URL of the project is : 

Configurable factors :

  • Color
  • Number of Particles
  • Density
  • Opacity
  • Image
  • Size
  • Rotational Speed
  • Hover Effect

Based on the available documentation on Github, it is very easy to implement Particle JS library. One can build beautiful, interactive and animated hero section of a home page. Such interactive animations create a lasting impression in the mind of the site visitor. 


Contact me for any help you need in the implementation of this interesting and light-weight JS library !